Marcela Repetti

Lic. en Nutricion Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Bachelor of Nutrition. Marcela Repetti - 1991 UBA

Nutrition Residence HtalDr Cosme Argerich

Head of Nutrition Residents Htal Dr. Cosme Argerich

Institutions where she served:

Plant Nutritionist at Hospital Italiano y Sanatorio De La Trinidad de Palermo

Participation in the School Health Program of Htal Argerich

Training Grant in the framework of Primary Health Care granted by the Government of the Buenos aires city

Assistant at the Bachelor's Degree in Obstetrics UBA

Coordination of Obesity groups in the Italian Htal and the Preparatory Course

Continuous food education in workshops to the Community

Co-author in the book Carbohydrate Count, nutritional composition of foods and preparations

Bachelor of Nutrition. Marcela Repetti