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Botulinum Toxin Botox® Dysport®

Whenever we laugh, get angry or express surprise or doubt, the facial muscles get contracted and form the so-called expression lines. With ageing, these lines become more marked and visible, forming wrinkles on the forehead, folds between the eyebrows and periorbitary wrinkles (usually called “crow´s feet”). The botulinum toxin relaxes this muscular system, has a localized and natural action and prevents the formation of expression lines.
Although the therapeutic effect of Botox® may vary in each patient´s case, the average effectiveness is between 4 and 6 months. The first outcome may be observed within about 48 to 72 hours. The patient may feel a light but bearable discomfort during the application. The procedure lasts about five minutes.
After the application, the patient may return to his/her daily chores. This product can only be obtained by professional physicians and this procedure can only be performed by trained physicians specialized in this field.

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Correction Of Wrinkles, Skin Depressions And Lip Contour

Fat fillers: Fat to fill skin depressions of the face was one of the first fillers used in aesthetic surgery. This procedure is generally performed as a supplement to a surgical treatment carried out in the operating room, since certain biosecurity measures must be met for its performance. Reimplanted fat has a 6 to 8 month lifetime as from its placement.

Dermic implants: the use of filling substances to correct wrinkles and skin depressions is a usual practice in the surgeon´s consulting-room. The most commonly used products include hyaluronic acid; it is placed under the affected skin to eliminate wrinkles and skin depressions. The lip contour anatomy may be modified by means of filling substances. These products are temporary since they are reabsorbed within approximately 6 months. This procedure is performed outpatiently and the patient may immediately return to his/her daily chores.


Photorejuvenation by Pulsed Light

It is a treatment that visibly improves the appearance of aging skin by the action of age and the sun using intense Pulsed Light.

Naturally and effectively enhances the visible appearance of the skin in a non-invasive way. It acts on deep level skin, in dermis it stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin new fundamental components of the skin. Getting diminished fine wrinkles pores size, telangiectacias, redness and irregular pigmentation and blemishes.

The areas where they are most frequently performed are:
Face, Neck, Neckline and Hands.
The treatment is performed in approximately 4 to 6 sessions spaced apart for 4 weeks.

Platelet-rich Plasma

It is the application of plasma to the patient with activated platelets which produces a reaction of the skin, looking more luminous, tense and with less wrinkles.

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Skin Biorevitalization (viscoderm)

Viscoderm is the only product with a molecular weight very close to the natural hyaluronic acid endogen of the human body.

The process of bio-revitalization of the skin that causes Viscoderm is safe and effective for the treatment of skin aging. Viscoderm has an active influence on the biophysical properties of the skin, which improves the texture by reducing dryness and generating more tonicity, elasticity and color for longer. The application is ambulatory and the patient can return to his usual tasks.

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